It’s Natural Pt4

Something old, something new
Basket weaving is an ancient craft, but its uses continue to evolve. Two new lamp designs are introduced to create that ‘AH-HA’ moment when ‘new’ is obvious.
Woven of seagrass on a metal frame for stability

It’s Natural Pt3

Tidy naturals
To say that we like natural doesn’t mean we like chaos. Perfectly shaped lamps-nice and symmetrical are wrapped in natural abaca hand-coiled strands, that bring well-behaved nature inside.

It’s Natural Pt2

Woven rattan in a technique called ‘5×5’, numbering the strands of side by side core rattan. This lamp weaving design technique is called
ribbon weaving.

It’s Natural Pt1

Naturals-It’s Our Element!
Naturals are having a resurgence in home decor and this bodes well for The Natural Light as this is where the company began. They have
over 40 years of experience in the tradition of wicker and the expertise in developing NEW with naturals.
A spool-a yarn
Yarns of hand-coiled jute wrap round and round classic lantern lamps creating a modern twist to tradition. All have linen drum shades and
are finished with wooden finials.

Buttons as a Motif 2

Tabu Buttons
The collection has an exotic feel of finding them in a foreign market. The alluring lamps are named ‘Tabu’. The raised buttons are a putty gray color artfully lined on a crackle beige pottery vase.

Buttons as a Motif 1

Butterscotch Buttons
The conformity of buttons lined up in a row appeal to our sense of order. Two new and uniquely different collections are introduced using buttons as the motif. One we call ‘Butterscotch Buttons’ because of the button color each lined up on an off white vase. These dime-sized discs are carved into the pottery vase.


For a warm gray wood, there is “Dante”, a matte glazed column lamp in pottery with a juxtaposed gold leaf mounting and finial. This
lamp is hot!

3371- DANTE 34″H Shade: 8993 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal Shade: 89015 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Sailcloth White
3371- DANTE 34″H Shade: 8993 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal Shade: 89015 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Sailcloth White

Moody Grays

Moods swing multiple ways and these moody grays bring a coolness to a room with a chill vibe. A white glossy reactive glaze ices the top of these matte charcoal gray vases. Each of these pottery vases are made by hand and the spontaneous reaction of the white glaze in the kiln makes each lamp an original with no two exactly the same. The lamps are dressed with a white shade in a sailcloth fabric and then finished
with a tall finial in a pewter finish.

Birds of Protection

Peacock feathers have long been treasured for their many mythical symbols of protection and renewal. What is commonly recognized is its beauty. Two new pottery lamps in a ‘stone white’ finish are featured among this market’s introductions. The white peacock feather designs are carved into the pottery lamps. These monochromatic lamps project a fun and gentle design touch. The mountings include a silver leaf finish on hand-turned wood and an antique brass each with matching finials. The shades are in a white sailcloth fabric.

Lustrous White

Large ‘Mother of Pearl’ shell pieces inlaid on this sleek rectangular column lamp. The nuances of the white MOP striations refract the subtle colors of white. Set on an antique brass square mounting the lamp is finished with a white sailcloth fabric drum shade. The finial matches the antique brass mounting.

5963-89079 MICHELLE 31″H Shade: 89079 – 14x15x10 Rnd Drum Sailcloth White