Crystal Clear

The Natural Light is inclined to make this new introduction crystal clear. The new lead crystal lamp named Inclination is a square tower design of four sided wedges stacked five high and mounted on a square crystal mounting. Each wedge piece narrows at the base and flares at the top to catch and refract the light. The simple wedge forms of the lamp take a traditional material and add a modern slant.

Two shade choices are available: a drum shade in the fabric Moonbeam that has a soft gray metallic thread or a white drum shade in fabric Sailcloth White.

Designing for the Fall Season

Pottery was traditionally made for a purpose. They stored water for the dry season and oil for cooking and light. Today these functional designs are converted into lamps with the purpose of providing light and interest to a room. The textural pots convey a rugged sense of nature and a warm style of gathered details.

All are made by hand throwing terra cotta clay on a potter’s wheel. The glaze is a dark charred brown with purposeful distressing, accenting the underbody of terra cotta. The glaze is then finished with a final clear glaze. The mountings are of steel with a bronze finish. Each has a matching pottery finial. The two shade choices are a canted shade in a Linen Irish fabric or an empire shade in a textured Hopsack fabric.

Black and White

Platts is a simple as black and white. In its simplicity, the slender cylinder evokes sensations of movement or, for others, adventure.

The cylinder is made of pottery and each is hand painted then gently rubbed with a soft cloth, blurring the edges of line, inviting one’s eye to follow the worn path. Each piece in unique. The pottery cylinder is seated on an acrylic mounting and finished with an acrylic finial. The drum shade is made of Sailcloth White fabric.

5901-89015 Platts 34″H Shade: 89015 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Sailcloth White

Swirls and Halos

Mushroom gray and swirls of white spin this duo of color into a fresh, contemporary look. Two shapes are available, a conical pillar and a vase with a modern elongated neck. Both are seated on brass mountings for contrast and have matching finials.

Two drum shade

fabrics are available; a Sailcloth White fabric or a soft silver metallic fabric called Moonbeam Gray.

Pale Ivory

Two lamp shapes are introduced by The Natural Light in the hand painted technique trompe l’oeil, mimicking the fine veining of ivory tinted stones.

One of the shapes is a slender modern cone tower and the other is a more traditional curvaceous vase. Both are presented on antique brass mountings, accentuating the warm tones of the vases. They are finished with the current use of drum shades.


Borrowing from nature, The Natural Light introduces this tall adaptation of the gently folding ribs of a melon that taper slightly at the top then widens at the base. There it sits atop an antique brass mounting. The glaze is a soft pale green that is both fresh and pleasing.

The lamp is finished with a drum shade made of Sailcloth White fabric.

5902-89014 MELODY 33″H Shade: 89014 – 18x19x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal


Classic Navy

Navy is probably the most beloved and classic of the blue family. Add a cylinder lamp shape and that’s about as classic as it gets.

The Natural Light has combined the color and the shape and presents the lamp on a classic antique brass mounting. A Sailcloth White fabric drum shade is added along with an antique brass finial, creating a smashing staple for classic interiors.

5903-89015 LEAGUE 30″H Shade: 89015 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Sailcloth White

Fool’s Gold

No one will be fooled that the lamps are made of fool’s gold. They are certain to wonder though , “What alchemy is this?” This lamp duo has a crusty, dark metallic gold finish that looks naturally porous.

The sleek square vases are actually ceramic with a most interesting dimensional glaze that looks like a mineral. The vase shapes are elegant and come in two heights. Each is set on a square crystal mounting and finished with a drum shade made of a soft metallic fabric named Moonbeam. A gilded iron finial beautifully completes the design.

For Lovers of Pottery

For those who love pottery and keeping things real, this lamp vases is for you. It is gracious in size and that alone would make a pottery lover swoon, knowing the strength needed to turn these on a wheel. Oh, but the glaze is the pièce de résistance.


The glaze is an oxblood and a deep burnish of brown/black. The outcome appears smooth and leather-like.

These round, vertical vases are mounted on antique brass mountings and finished with round drum shades of Linen Irish or Linen Oatmeal.


table lamp and floor lamp

The slender rice shaped curve of this solid shaft of carved crystal continues to taper at the top and the bottom with gracefully fitted antique brass extensions. The overall fluid and slim profile is sylph-like, giving the lamp a modern vibe for today’s contemporary settings.

A table lamp and a matching floor lamp complete this ensemble. Two shade fabrics are available, Sailcloth White or Moonbeam with a soft metallic thread.