It’s All About Choice


Choose your lamp, then . . .
choose your color
choose your mounting
choose your shade


The Natural Light has understood for 40 years that designers need choices and offers exactly that in their Ceramic Color Program.

Four new colors are introduced this season. The 2017 Color of the Year, Greenery (#73), the new neutral Blush (#80), a classic Limoges Blue (#81) and, of course, a modern staple Anchor Gray (#11). With the addition of these four new colors, the program now boasts 44 colors.

Additionally, a new ceramic shape will be unveiled, Wave (32.5” Ht). Wave offers something new to the collection of 10 ceramic shapes. It has a modern bottle design of sculpted waves.

With these new choice additions, The Natural Light continues to offer the most comprehensive ceramic collection catering to the design trade.

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