Birds of Protection

Peacock feathers have long been treasured for their many mythical symbols of protection and renewal. What is commonly recognized is its beauty. Two new pottery lamps in a ‘stone white’ finish are featured among this market’s introductions. The white peacock feather designs are carved into the pottery lamps. These monochromatic lamps project a fun and gentle design touch. The mountings include a silver leaf finish on hand-turned wood and an antique brass each with matching finials. The shades are in a white sailcloth fabric.

  • 3351 QUINN 29.5"H Shade: 89078 - 16x17x10 Rnd Drum Sailcloth White
  • 3352 QUILL 33.5"H Shade: 89213 - 16x20x12" Rnd Sailcloth White