There is always a need for floor lamps and this delicate design was created for small areas as it takes up so little space yet has gracious height. The mounting diameter measures only 12” and depending on which shade is chosen can be either 14 1/2” to 17” diameter. Two finishes are offered, gilded iron or bronze. Each is completed with a tall matching finial.

Luster gold

Introducing a new luxurious glaze of mellow golds and bronze on an artist built pottery vase. The glaze, “Beaumon”, is for the inspiration of its creation. This singular masterpiece is gracious in size. Two shade options are available; a drum shade or a canted shade, both in a white sailcloth fabric. The lamp is set upon an antique brass mounting and is finished with a tall pharaoh finial.


Like tablets of books, asymmetric vertical layers form these contemporary sculpted lamps. Made of hand-built pottery they are finished in a
textural golden glaze. The drum lampshades are made of linen fabric in an oatmeal color.

3360 TABLET COLUMN 33″H Shade: 8993 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal
3361 TABLET VASE 28.5″H Shade: 8991 – 16x17x10″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal


Metal basketry, combining the technique of basket weaving with an unobliging material as is steel, takes perseverance and results in a
timeless design. The piece is finished in gilded iron and topped with a tall gilded finial. The shade is made from oatmeal linen fabric which
enhances the warmer tones of the vase. #9086

9086 GAGE 36″H Shade: 89014 – 18x19x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal

The Gold Standard pt2

Caged Magic
Coastal breezes will pass easily through these classic lamps formed completely from thin, hard-knotted wire and finished in either gilded iron
or salt air rust. The shades for the gilded lamps are in oatmeal linen fabric and for the rust finished lamps there is a choice of slubbed Irish
linen fabric shades or oatmeal linen fabric shades.

  • 9090 ERIN Gilded Iron 31.5"H Shade: 8993 - 16x17x11" Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal

The Gold Standard pt1

Tangle sculpted art forms
Steel is not light or easily malleable, but these two sculptures defy the material to be swirled into a tangle of submissive art of organized chaos
defining space with shape. One design is a round orb and the other a tall vase. Both are gracious in size. They are finished with three tones
of gold gilding to add the glamour of depth and flash. They are shaded with sailcloth white fabric shades and crowned with a gilded finial.

9084 TANGLED VASE 35.5″H Shade: 89016 – 18x19x11″ Rnd Drum Sailcloth White

The Warmth of Modern Neutrals

This finish was created to add a bit of sparkle to a beautiful neutral akin to adding a metallic thread to an unbleached linen fabric. It is a soft and interesting neutral to use as it highlights the edges of the design shapes.
All three designs are mounted on antique brass and are available with two choices of shades fabric.

3607-89122 HARPER
Taupe & Gold Finish
Shade: 89122 – 16x17x11”
Rnd Drum Moonbeam
3608-89122 MEDALLION
Taupe & Gold Finish
Shade: 89122 – 16x17x11”
Rnd Drum Moonbeam
  • 3607-89122 HARPER Taupe and Gold Finish 29"H Shade: 89122 - 16x17x11" Rnd Drum Moonbeam

Framing Lamps

Something truly beautiful deserves a frame. The Natural Light’s new rectangular open design lamps create an opportunity to frame the rooms with which they are paired.
The wooden lamps are finished in an Italian marbling technique atop gold leafing. Each is then placed on a rectangular mounting with a bronze metallic finish, combining traditional finishing techniques on a modern lamp.
Oval shades are offered in an oatmeal beige linen fabric. Each lamp is finished with a gilded iron finial.

5922 SOFIA
Shade: 8990 – 13×18 14×19 x 11”
Oval Linen Oatmeal Fabric
8105 SOFIA Floor Lamp
Shade: 8990 – 13×18 14×19 x 11”
Oval Linen Oatmeal Fabric

Sleek Finishes

Two unique finishes are showcased on these square tower table lamps. The first uses a shagreen pattern as inspiration. The taupe and
beige shagreen design is accented with an antique brass modern medallion and center piping. The finish is accomplished with layers of satin lacquer.
The color story is carried up and continues through to a drum shade in a Moonbeam fabric. Finally the brass finial caps the lamp ensemble for a cohesive modern lamp.
The second finish is a gold leafing with a marbleizing technique often used in Italy. The square tower is accented with an antique brass center medallion and center piping. Two shade fabric choices are available and each lamp is finished with an antique brass finial.

  • 5920-89177
  • 5921-89177
  • 5920-89016
  • 5921-89016
5920-89177 SARITA
Shade: 89177 – 18x19x11”
Rnd Drum Moonbeam Fabric
5921-89177 SERAFINA
Shade: 89177 – 18x19x11”
Rnd Drum Moonbeam Fabric

5920-89016 SARITA
Shade: 89016 – 18x19x11”
Rnd Drum Sailcloth White Fabric
5921-89016 SERAFINA
Shade: 89016 – 18x19x11”
Rnd Drum Sailcloth White Fabric


Mid-Century Modern style has returned several dictates to the interior design industry. One of these is a call for the return of floor lamps with tables. The functionality of these designs answer many interior needs.

Granville is a metal floor lamp with a glass table that is anchored on a marble mounting. The bottom shaft of the floor lamp is a hex shaped bar that matches its hex shaped marble mounting. The shaft above the round glass table is round and features an adjustable height measure to raise or lower the double bulb light fixture. Each bulb is controlled individually with sleek pull chain accessories that match the lamp design.

The attention to detail of these floor lamps places them in the top tier of high end styling.