Gentle blues

Gentle blues hand-thrown pottery lamps
When these pottery lamps were thrown on an artisan’s wheel they were intentionally left with soft knobs of smooth texture that after glazing with first a soft brown colored glaze and then hand applying pale blue-green glazing. The result is an interpretation of fresh gentle waters flowing over rocks. These beautifully made pieces are placed upon hand-distressed silver-leafed wooden mountings and a silver leaf finial
tops the drum shades made of sailcloth white fabric.

Why White?

White mosaics
Broken eggshells are placed and suspended in lacquer vases that add layers of tonal whites in a glossy finish. The gentle contrast of whites reveal an interesting finish. Two unique shapes of lamp vases are available; a tall canted column on an acrylic mounting and a cascading tiered lamp that was inspired by fountains. The cascading lamp is accented with a gold leaf center stem. Multiple shade styles are available.

Depths of Blue

Depths of Blue-portrayed on ceramic lamps
Imagine the darkest blue possible just before it glows to black, and then wash it in a subtle depth of golden glimmer that flows from the top. This describes our new Newburg finish. Each vase is placed upon an antiqued brass mounting to add perfection to these sophisticated lamps. A crisp white sailcloth fabric shade is used and then finished with a tall finial to match the mounting.


Something so new that it needs to be investigated. Three new lamps featuring a finish in soft blacks together with creamy white wood veneers, with a high lacquer finish. At first, they could be confused as polished horn as the black and white meld into each other as only nature can effectively do. These bleached and dyed veneers seem to melt together for a dramatic finish. Three unique lamp shapes are available from organic-to Grecian-to a tiered cascade resembling a fountain.

Copper on Steel

Modern sculptures in copper
Actually made from steel straps then adding a final step of exquisite burnished copper finishes, these open formed hand-made pieces were many steps in the making. The artist has crimped, stretched, and shaped these free-form straps into wild conformity of shape that is open and free. Two lamp shapes are available: a vase and a round orb. The inside of this open sculpture blazes with a torn gold leaf finish that
adds a flash of brightness to juxtapose with the burnished copper exterior. The shades used are in an oatmeal linen fabric on a drum shade and are finished with a matching ball finial. Also, a graciously sized candle hurricane holder is offered.


There is always a need for floor lamps and this delicate design was created for small areas as it takes up so little space yet has gracious height. The mounting diameter measures only 12” and depending on which shade is chosen can be either 14 1/2” to 17” diameter. Two finishes are offered, gilded iron or bronze. Each is completed with a tall matching finial.

Luster gold

Introducing a new luxurious glaze of mellow golds and bronze on an artist built pottery vase. The glaze, “Beaumon”, is for the inspiration of its creation. This singular masterpiece is gracious in size. Two shade options are available; a drum shade or a canted shade, both in a white sailcloth fabric. The lamp is set upon an antique brass mounting and is finished with a tall pharaoh finial.


Like tablets of books, asymmetric vertical layers form these contemporary sculpted lamps. Made of hand-built pottery they are finished in a
textural golden glaze. The drum lampshades are made of linen fabric in an oatmeal color.

3360 TABLET COLUMN 33″H Shade: 8993 – 16x17x11″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal
3361 TABLET VASE 28.5″H Shade: 8991 – 16x17x10″ Rnd Drum Linen Oatmeal